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Role of Virtual PBX in Virtual Offices

In the current times, the corporate real estate is scarce to find and businesses have a hard time getting longer leases. This is due to the fact that the property market is always under ups and downs prohibiting land owners from signing longer lease contracts. The unavailability of office spaces has led many businesses in the UK to operate virtually. The concept of a virtual office is creating a more efficient office with least operational costs and requirements.

Virtual PBX is an important component with a big role in a virtual office. The main need behind setting up a virtual office or a regular office is the need to communicate with your business clients and partners. In case of the virtual office, your needs are met through a virtual PBX using and managing the services of both internet and regular PSTN networks. You can use a toll free number mapped to your virtual PBX and run an office with a couple of lines with call hunting feature. This feature ensures that your customers and clients never get a busy tone.

Through a virtual PBX, you can simply control your business completely by forwarding and redirecting the calls to different numbers and locations as the case may be. You can hire some staff members or home workers or part time workers to take care of your virtual office call handling.

Apart from doing this, you can use your internet connection on your PBX for virtual office to map international numbers through VoIP for handling callers from different geographical locations. You can use automatic answering and call handling features through a PBX in your virtual office as well. This can bring you transparency and flexibility so no matter where you are, you can always be available to your customers.

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