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The Buyer's Guide to Telesales Services

Telesales is a form of teleservices usually carried out by professional telesales companies on behalf of a business or organisation. Telesales services take the form of outbound telemarketing calls, and can be utilised during both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) campaigns.

Unlike certain other forms of telemarketing, telesales services is a process which is focused on creating and closing actual sales using the medium of telemarketing calls. Telesales campaigns are particularly challenging to successfully execute and manage, which is why many businesses prefer to make use of the telesales services offered by professional telesales companies. Telesales in the UK is also made more challenging by the various rules and regulations that govern the cold-calling industries.

A typical telesales campaign created using telesales services from professional telesales companies will include: strategic campaign planning, setting telesales goals, measuring achievements, campaign execution and process reporting. Before carrying out agreed telesales services some telesales companies may want their telesales staff to conduct some basic investigation into a businesses products or services, which allows them to develop a good understanding of the benefits of purchasing the products or services.

Telesales services are often cost-effective. Since telesales services are so cost-effective, they can be a business's sole way of promoting products or service. Teleservices such as telesales are also flexible enough to be utilised by a variety of businesses including accountancy practices, IT companies, Insurance companies and Recruitment Agencies.

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