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The Quote Bean Guide to Telemarketing from Home

Telemarketing from home is often a preferred choice for many small business owners who just don't have the time to undertake promotional and direct marketing activities during a typical working day. Many professional freelance telemarketers also manage a telemarketing from home service, and running a home business of this nature is often a cost-efficient way to provide telemarketing services in the UK

Although utilising telemarketing from home services, either as a small business owner or by hiring a freelancer, is an effective way to begin direct marketing activities it is also one which requires caution and professionalism.

Telemarketing from home Advice for Providers

If you are a professional telemarketer who is looking to provide telemarketing from home services, there are a couple of important points which you need to be aware of before you begin to promote your telemarketing services:

  • Find a quiet place to undertake your telemarketing services - It seems like obvious advice, but if you are providing telemarketing services on behalf of proffessional businesses, you need to do so from a quiet spot in your home. The best way to run a telemarketing from home service is to work from a home office or study but if you do not have access to such facilities at home, a quiet roome which is situated away from traffic and other domestic noises will suffice.

  • Utilise a second telephone line - Even outbound telemarketing will at some stage involve taking incoming calls, especially from those contacts who are interested in finding out more about the business, service or product which is being promoted. Therefore when providing a telemarketing from home service you need a second telephone line which you can dedicate to your telemarketing business. Under no circumstances should you give out your private telephone or mobile number to your telemarketing contacts

Telemarketing from home Advice for Buyers

If you are a business owner who wants to utilise the cost and time-effective telemarketing from home services of a professional freelancer, it's important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Investigate the services of your chosen freelancer - The best way to find out how successful a freelancer's telemarketing from home service is likely to be is to visit the freelancer in question. If you are unable to visit their place of work (i.e home office) you need to set up a number of face-to-face meetings with the aim of building up a working relationship with them. When a freelancer contacts businesses or consumers on your behalf with their telemarketing from home service, they are becoming a representation of your business so it's important that you create an effective working relationship with them from the start

  • Agree additional charges before work commences - Before you commence hiring a telemarketing from home freelancer remember to agree fees for all the nitty gritty elements of telemarketing from home beforehand. Such fees can include reimbursing call charges, any bonuses or commissions and even postage/stationary costs should your freelancer have to post information out to contacts on your behalf. When you begin to receive invoices from your freelancer for their telemarketing from home services always remember to ask for phone records and call logs as a way to validate the work that has been carried out.

For further advice and information on any aspect of telemarketing from home services, get in contact with our knowledgeable and helpful Telemarketing Buyer Advisors!

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