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The Buyer's Guide to Strategic Telemarketing

Some of the most effective telemarketing campaigns are those which are conducted as strategic telemarketing campaigns. Strategic telemarketing is a carefully planned process which is conducted for specific reasons, with particular goals and objectives. In this article we introduce everything that you need to know about the strategic telemarketing process

Beginning Strategic Telemarketing

Before you can carry out any strategic telemarketing campaigns you first need to define the purpose and objectives of the particular telemarketing campaign. When defining your strategic telemarketing campaign purpose and objectives, try answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to carry out this particular strategic telemarketing campaign? You may be expanding a line of products or services which you want to promote to new customers, or you may be trying to create interest in your business from new prospects.

  • Who will you be contacting with this particular strategic telemarketing campaign? It's an obvious question but it's also one which is often overlooked by business owners. Is your target audience for the strategic telemarketing campaign the same as your overall target audience, or are you trying to reach new sections of the market or even a totally new market?

  • What do you expect to achieve with this particular strategic telemarketing campaign? You've already defined the purpose for carrying out this strategic telemarketing campaign, but what specific objectives do you hope to achieve with the campaign? What position do you expect your business to be in at the end of the strategic telemarketing campaign?

Measuring Strategic Telemarketing

Strategic telemarketing campaigns are carried out in order to achieve specific outcomes, but these outcomes can only be achieved if the campaign itself is measurable and monitored. Strategic telemarketing campaigns are conducted over a specific time period with specific milestones throughout this time period. Each milestone in a strategic telemarketing campaign should represent specific targets which have to be met before the next stage of the campaign is carried out. Strategic telemarketing campaigns can be expensive in addition to being time-consuming, so it's vital that they are measurable in order to ensure that they are providing a true return on investment.

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