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Why Inbound Telemarketing has gained importance?

In recent years, inbound telemarketing has emerged as a great solution for providing genuine customer care to your existing clients and enticing prospective ones to join the emerging clientele base. In inbound call centers, the telemarketing agents do not initiate any call. Rather, it is the customers who make the calls for seeking some information, placing certain orders or requesting for a service. That’s why it’s important to entice and excite the customers so that they become inquisitive enough to call and seek details about your offerings. If you are now wondering why inbound telemarketing has gained so much importance, here are some factors that have played a major role in its popularity:

Innovative concepts and products

Unlike outbound telemarketing that often bombards people with information about products and services that they may seldom use or are interested to know about, inbound telemarketing is all about getting the prospective customers to take the action. Since your brick-and-mortar store can’t remain open round the clock, you can take the help of inbound telemarketers to handle the incoming calls or process orders and customer payments over the phone – 24X7, without the need to worry about time differences or language capabilities. So, whether it’s about dealing with calls that are made after the office hours, a prompt answering or voice mail service, taking credit card orders, seminar registration, dealer locator service, general inquiry service, reaching the reservation desk, and immediate response to print ads or any other form of advertisement, inbound teleservices can lend a helping hand.

Less price than the market

If you wish to hire staff and train them for working 24 hours a day in rotational shifts so that you can be prompt with your answers to prospective customers and offer instant customer care services to your existing clientele, it will need a huge investment on your part. You will not only need to invest a lot of money for the infrastructure but also put in a lot of time and effort to set the ball rolling. However, you can do away with all these hassles by opting for inbound call centers. Thanks to the adept inbound telemarketers, you will have a cost-saving alternative to having your own staff take the calls. What’s more, you can use the inbound telemarketing personnel with different language capabilities to man your helpdesk, answering queries made by customers in different languages to help them place their orders easily, and ensuring hassle-free processing of the same. Since most products and services on offer via this method have a competitive price tag and generally cost less than most similar products available in the market, people are easily enticed to try them for at least once, if not more.

Defining products in details

Inbound telemarketing services make use of various methods to generate calls like advertisements in newspapers and magazines, via broadcast media like television or radio, pamphlets, brochures and internet ads. Inbound telemarketing not only allows you to bring more details to your product descriptions but can even speed up the lead generation process by fixing face-to-face appointments for product demos and sales visits. So, you can now get your inbound telemarketing services to set up meetings between your sales teams and hot prospects via their online appointment scheduling system, thereby reaping optimum benefits of the procedure.

Guarantee and free trial period

Inbound telemarketers help customers choose the products and services that suit their specific needs. They also try and sell other products and services by providing specific information to the customers and enticing them with some special offers and discounts. Many inbound telemarketing services even offer a guarantee and free trial period so that the customers can get back their money if they are not satisfied or get compensated for a defect, if any, in the product during the guarantee period.

Give space to think and make decisions

Most of the outbound telemarketing services hound customers to buy the products or services on offer. However, inbound telemarketing services just pass the information onto the customers, leaving them to think, compare prices and then take the final decision. Since customers these days are an informed lot and prefer to make their choice without any coercion, they have a proven affinity towards inbound telemarketing that helps them wield the power of decision and settle on what’s good and what’s not for their needs.

So, if you haven’t yet tried the power of inbound telemarketing services of your business, it’s time to give it a shot.

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