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Fundraising Telemarketing

Telemarketing fundraising is a specialist approach to telemarketing that is used by all manner of organisations and individuals here in the UK and across the globe. Telemarketing fundraising is a unique approach to telemarketing which instead of being focused on promotion and sales is instead focused on generating donations and sponsorships.

The most well known form of telemarketing fundraising is charity telemarketing, which takes the telemarketing fundraising approach and tailors it to suit the specific goals and objectives of charitable organisations. Despite being one of the lesser known methods of telemarketing, telemarketing fundraising is an approach which can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • To raise donations and support for politicians and political parties
  • To solicit research funding for universities and technical colleges
  • To raise sponsorships for not-for-profit and charity events
  • To solicit sponsorship and donations for public amenities and facilities

Telemarketing fundraising is often the direct marketing method of choice for cash-strapped individuals and organisations that need an instant way to begin communicating with potential donors and sponsors. Unlike other forms of direct marketing techniques such as email marketing, direct mail and promotional events, telemarketing fundraising is a two-way method of communication. Telemarketing fundraising, when executed correctly, instantly opens up channels of communication between the organisation carrying out the campaign and the call recipient, which is the most effective way to begin developing beneficial relationships.

Depending on the budget and the nature of each individual telemarketing fundraising campaign, many organisations find it more cost-effective to manage their telemarketing fundraising efforts in-house. There are however many professional telemarketing companies operating within the UK which offer cost-effective telemarketing services that are particularly useful to carry out high volume telemarketing fundraising campaigns. Cost-effective telemarketing fundraising services can also be provided by many of the professional offshore telemarketing companies which supply services to organisations and individuals within the UK.

For further advice and information about the best way to manage your telemarketing fundraising campaign, or to find a suitable telemarketing fundraising provider why not get in contact with one of our friendly Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will work with you to define your telemarketing fundraising requirements, and when you are ready will put you in direct contact with professional telemarketing companies that specialise in providing telemarketing fundraising services.

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