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Charity Telemarketing

Charity telemarketing is one of the most widely used forms of Business to Consumer (B2C) telemarketing within the UK. Although charity telemarketing differs from other types of B2C promotional telemarketing, it is still subject to the same regulations that govern the practice of telemarketing within the UK.

Charity telemarketing is typically carried out using the services of a professional telemarketing company. Charities in the UK can rarely afford to employ full time telemarketers, so they often outsource specific campaigns to individual telemarketing agencies who specialise in charity and fundraising telemarketing. Charity telemarketing more often than not involves high volume calls to previous and new contacts, with one of two aims:

  • To raise awareness of a specific charity campaign or event and encourage individuals to participate
  • To fundraise for specific charity campaigns through donations or the promotion of raffle tickets and other purchasable goods

Within the UK charity telemarketing has sadly gained the reputation of being one of the more "nuisance" forms of B2C telemarketing. Many charity telemarketing campaigns require very high targets to be achieved at a very low cost, and unfortunately the telemarketers who are involved in such campaigns often lose sight of the main reason behind the campaign - namely to help the charity - which affects the quality of the campaign and its overall efficacy as a promotional tool. Saying that however when executed correctly, charity telemarketing proves to be a very cost-effective way of improving and increasing a charity's specific business development goals.

In recent years various other direct marketing tools such as email marketing, door to door marketing and event marketing have been used by charities in conjunction with charity telemarketing campaigns with great success. The move by some of the more established charities to accepting online donations through PayPal and Just Giving has meant that their charity telemarketing campaigns can focus on building quality relationships with call recipients that are lasting and mutually beneficial. Charity telemarketing, despite it's negative reception in the UK, is a very powerful direct marketing tool which is equally successful when used alone or combined with other marketing and promotional techniques.

For further advice and information about charity telemarketing, or to find suitable telemarketing companies to manage your charity telemarketing campaigns why not get in contact with one of our knowledgeable and helpful Telemarketing Buyer Advisors?

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