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B2C Telemarketing

B2C Telemarketing (referred to as business to consumer telemarketing) is a specific type of telephone based communication used by businesses and organisations to directly contact target consumers in their homes. Unlike some forms of business to business telemarketing, b2c telemarketing can often take the form of both inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing.

Traditionally, b2c telemarketing was widely used by businesses and organisations for a large variety of purposes. Some of the ways in which b2c telemarketing has been used in the past is to update censuses, for market research and for the direct promotion of goods and services. In recent years a number of developments have been made to b2c telemarketing methods, including the introduction of strict telemarketing rules and regulations. Additional advancements in b2c telemarketing have included the introduction and use of automated calling programmes, which have unfortunately tarnished b2c telemarketing with a notorious “nuisance” image.

Like b2b telemarketing, b2c telemarketing is in fact a simple yet powerful way to directly communication with target consumers. The reason that many b2c telemarketing campaigns are unsuccessful is because they are poorly planned and are executed without the correct techniques and expertise. The key to any successful b2c telemarketing campaign lies in contacting only those prospects that are receptive to the information that is being conveyed to them, and this cannot be achieved through mass cold-calling methods. In addition to this, the strict regulations placed upon the b2c telemarketing industry means that many businesses and organisations prefer to invest in less intrusive but less responsive and effective promotional tools.

An easier way for businesses to incorporate b2c telemarketing into their sales and promotional methods is to outsource campaigns to b2c telemarketing providers. While this is not necessarily a suitable move for every type of business or organisation, with the right b2c telemarketing provider and the right message behind the campaign most UK-based businesses can achieve some form of success with this method. Some of the b2c telemarketing services offered by professional b2c telemarketing providers include:

  • Customer Service Telemarketing
  • Inbound Telesales
  • Survey Telemarketing
  • Mortgage Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation

For further advice and information about b2c telemarketing, or to find suitable b2c telemarketing providers to manage your business to consumer telemarketing campaign why not get in contact with one of our friendly Telemarketing Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will be happy to define and clarify your b2c telemarketing requirements before putting you in direct contact with reputable, UK-based providers of b2c telemarketing services.

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