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The Buyer’s Guide to Used Photocopying Machines

Choosing to purchase used photocopying machines is possibly the most cost-effective decision that businesses can make during office equipment purchasing processes. Used photocopying machines can be purchased within the UK for a small fraction of the price of brand new photocopying machines, and despite their used status are more than capable of meeting the business communication needs of UK SMEs. In this article we take a closer look at used photocopying machines.

Why Purchase Used Photocopying Machines?

For many businesses and organisations in the UK, purchasing used photocopying machines is the most cost-effective way to purchase a fully-functional photocopy machine for a fraction of its equivalent brand-new price. It is possible to purchase used photocopying machines in the UK which are between 3 and 7 years old for up to 75% less than they would cost brand new. This level of cost-saving can be of real benefit to many small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to invest precious financial resources where they are most required.

Another benefit of purchasing a used photocopy machine, especially a machine between 3 and 7 years old, is that it is most likely to be a tried and tested machine which has already been in use by a similar-sized business or organisation. Purchasing brand-new copier machines can be risky, especially when their true reliability as business communication tools are unknown. Purchasing used photocopying machines via the right channels however usually means purchasing a reliable machine which has already proven to be an effective business communication tool.

How to Purchase Used Photocopying Machines?

Although purchasing a used photocopy machine is less pricey than purchasing a brand new copier, it still requires the same amount of research and investigation into suitable sellers or suppliers. Within the UK it is possible to purchase many different types of used photocopying machines, from black & white laser printers to digital MFPs, so businesses and organisations need to think carefully about the type of used photocopying machines that they need at the start of the purchasing process.

Sometimes it is possible to purchase used photocopy machines directly from businesses and organisations on a “one-off” basis, which are usually advertised for sale in-house or as adverts in local newspapers and business pages. This process of purchasing a used photocopy machine is effective; however purchasing a used photocopying machine directly from the current user provides no guarantees of the copier’s authenticity and reliability.

One of the most effective ways to purchase genuine and reliable used photocopying machines is via authorised and reputable photocopier dealers and suppliers. An authorised and reputable photocopier dealer will only sell genuine branded used photocopying machines, and will also provide written guarantees confirming the machines’ authenticity and reliability. Certain types of used photocopying machines such as Canon used photocopiers can also only be purchased from manufacturer approved and authentic photocopier dealers and suppliers.

For further advice and information about used photocopying machines why not get in contact with one of our friendly Used Photocopier Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will work with you to clarify your used photocopy machine requirements, and when you are ready can put you in direct contact with reputable, UK-based used photocopying machine dealers and suppliers.

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