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The Home User’s Guide to Photocopiers

If you are a home-worker or student, or if you are keen to improve the security of your personal data, you may be considering investing in a personal home photocopier. The common misconception of photocopiers is that they are large, bulky machines which take up too much space - the classic floor standing commercial copier found in offices throughout the world. However photocopiers which have been designed for at-home use are portable, practical and cost-effective. To help you find the best photocopier for at-home use, whether it is a digital printing machine or a laser copier/printer/fax machine, we have created the Quote Bean Home User's Guide to Photocopiers.

Photocopiers for Home Use

There are a variety of photocopier models which are suitable for at-home use, all of which are portable and range in size from small freestanding photocopying machines to desktop digital printing machines. Desktop photocopiers are generally all-in-one printer/fax/copier type machines, and can be found in analogue or digital models, using inkjet or laser printing technologies.

The types of photocopier which are suitable for your needs depend on your copying requirements, but as a home user it is unlikely that you will need to make more than a few hundred photocopies per month. The most common features which can be found on at-home photocopiers include:

Multifunctional Elements

Desktop photocopiers are creators of efficiency and many models include multifunctional elements such as printing, scanning and fax functionalities as standard.

Automatic Duplexing

Digital at-home photocopiers are built around hard drives with large-capacity memories which can be used to store double-sided printing jobs to enable hands-free duplexing

Colour Printing and Photocopying

Many multifunctional at-home printer-copiers include colour printing and photocopying options, which can be “switched-on” as and when users require them

Remote User Functionality

Modern at-home digital photocopier models also feature networking and remote user functionalities. Users can connect their digital printing and photocopying machines to their home computers, enabling hands-free printing and photocopying

Photocopier Brands

The leading global photocopier and digital imaging brands don’t just manufacture large commercial photocopiers suitable for business use; they also manufacture multifunctional printer-copiers and digital printing machines suitable for at-home use. By choosing a photocopier from one of the leading photocopier brands, you can access the benefits and advantages which are sometimes only available to business and organisations. Global brands such as Sharp and Konica Minolta are committed to integrating the very latest technologies into their photocopiers, whether they are desktop digital printing and photocopying machines or industrial sized commercial photocopiers.

Some of the more recognised photocopier brands which manufacture at-home devices include:

  • Brother, whose specific at-home range includes printer/scanner/copier/fax devices
  • Canon, whose specific at-home range includes digital printer/fax/copier devices
  • Konica Minolta, whose specific at-home range includes magicolour digital printing and photocopying machines
  • Kyocera, whose specific at-home range includes black & white and colour desktop copy machines
  • Panasonic, whose specific at-home range include digital fax-copier devices
  • Ricoh, whose specific at-home range includes multifunctional printer/copier devices
  • Sharp, whose specific at-home range includes desktop laser copiers
  • Toshiba, whose specific at-home range includes digital desktop copier-printers

Reconditioned Photocopiers?

As a home-user it may make better financial sense to purchase a reconditioned photocopier. Reconditioned photocopiers are used photocopiers which have been inspected, repaired, cleaned and refurbished by reputable photocopier suppliers and dealers. In some cases reconditioned photocopiers may only be a couple of years old, or have been subjected to minimal usage making them an even more cost-effective option. If you are going to choose a reconditioned/refurbished photocopier you need to ensure that you only purchase it from a reputable photocopier supplier, and that all the necessary warranties and service agreements are in place. It is also important to source a supplier for the associated consumables such as photocopier toner, especially if the reconditioned machine which you choose is older than 5 years.

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