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Usage and benefits of Photocopier multi function devices

Each office photocopier product operates separately from the other and each one has their own maintenance procedure, but, while photocopiers with fax machines, black and white photocopiers and color photocopiers are a major business expense item, these photocopier costs are rarely calculated and there is rarely a plan to manage them as an effective, integrated asset. A networked printer/copier/fax/scanner multi function Device (MFD) offers the following three benefits in general:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced functionality

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By owning your own photocopier multifunction machine you can cut cost on daily photocopying and faxing expenditure which at the end of the month will give you a good margin and competitive edge to invest into some other aspect of your business. With the emergence of the concept of “total cost of ownership”, the real costs of owning and operating office photocopier multifunction equipment like color photocopiers and black and white photocopiers can be identified. Hard photocopier costs – including leasing, supplies, service, software and paper are easily found. “Soft” photocopier operation costs – installation, training, floor space, telecoms, printer servers, help desks – are harder to define, yet still real. Users’ work time and cost of purchasing also add to the total cost of ownership. Businesses that take the time to understand total cost of office photocopier multi function device ownership and invest in identifying their ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ office MFD costs get more net savings over time.

A low initial purchase price can make a stand-alone printer multifunction device seem the cheaper option than color faxes and photocopiers or a black and white office photocopier. But the upfront price is only a small percentage of the total cost of ownership. The real cost is revealed in the “cost per page”. This figure includes on-going costs like consumables and maintenance. Since cost-per-page is the true cost to your business, the photocopier multifunction device or black and white photocopiers are the most effective cost option. So the following must be considered:

1. Consumables

The cost of replacing toner cartridges, drums, fuser items and waste toner collectors over the lifespan of a printer will be far greater than the initial price. That is why top photocopier multi function devices, black & white or color or faxes and photocopiers use long life, high yield consumables – to keep your costs (and intervention) down.

2. CO2 emissions

Your “carbon footprint” due to your photocopier multifunction device or other office equipment is becoming an increasingly important measurement due to the growing awareness of climate changes. New photocopier multi function devices are all Energy Star compliant products which consume less power by automatically switching into a “standby mode” when the product is not being used. The On Demand fusing technologies incorporated into latest photocopier multi function devices reduce CO2 emissions whilst ensuring fast warm-up times and almost instantaneous availability from standby mode.

3. Environmental impact

Photocopier multi function devices, faxes and photocopiers observe triple bottom line accounting – financial, environmental, and social – and can contribute to your environmental goals.

The Benefits of a Multifunction Device

Amplified productivity

Handling paper is just the tip of the iceberg of a complex and costly process of handling and managing the documents your organization creates and receives. If you use separate stand-alone devices to print, copy, fax or scan, it can increase user intervention and manual handling. A black and white or color photocopier multifunction device consolidates all these functions into a single, user-friendly device. Office level workplace productivity is boosted as the process of storing, finding and distributing reports and memos becomes easier and more efficient, due to the network capabilities of a photocopier MFD. The high output speed of these MFD devices also frees your staff for more high value tasks.


Multifunctioning, color or black &white faxes and photocopiers come with the ability to print, fax, copy and scan all from one device, a networked photocopier MFD can make sharing information across your company’s networks rapid and easy, via email or the web. You can reduce printing, paper and delivery costs through these photocopier MFD devices by scanning and sending documents electronically in one simple step.

Easy to Use

Faxes and Photocopier multi function devices use intuitive large full color touch-screen displays and familiar web-based desktop layouts which are the first level of assistance for the novice user. MFDs have a host of features that simplify complex tasks and streamline processes eliminate usability as a new technology hurdle.

Device Consolidation

In the current era, corporate real estate ownership is costly. The Multifunction device faxes, black & white and color photocopiers, saves valuable floor and desk space consumed by desktop printers, copiers, scanners and faxes. The administrative hassles associated with multiple processes for service and supplies are replaced by a single vendor photocopier multi function invoice, making budgeting and forecasting easy.

Paper Capacity Enhancements

If the amount of time spent on filling paper trays in a standalone device, was added up, would make headlines in the business press. Multifunction color or black & white photocopier devices have large reserves for substantial additional paper capacity to greatly reduce the reloading task and save time. More paper sources for a photocopier multifunction device means increased flexibility and reduced manual handling. Photocopier MFD users can choose different stocks for each job (such as A4, A3, letterhead, high quality color paper) straight from their desktop.

Optimized functionality

Print, copy, fax and scan are the standard functions of a photocopier multi function device but they are capable of so much more. Document distribution and storage in these multi function devices speed up decision making by making the flow of information between users easier and faster. A photocopier MFD can automate the movement of invoices, purchase orders and internal forms by integrating hardcopy and digital information into one seamless electronic system.

Document finishing

Black and white and color photocopier MFDs can be used to ‘finish’ documents, including booklet making, binding, stapling, hole punching, folding and stacking, eliminating a very labor intensive practice and creating professional looking documents in-house.

Security and Compliance

Photocopier multifunction devices are designed to safeguard confidentiality and support regulatory compliance with document, device and data security features. Documents can be encrypted and printed or scanned securely with password control. Access to the device can be simply controlled by user ID or with comprehensive network authentication via SSO (Single Sign-on). All user activity can be logged and monitored, providing administrators a full document audit trail.

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