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The importance of Negotiation Training for sales representatives

It is a common routine for sales persons in the UK to negotiate with their clients. Negotiation is necessary to give discounts, persuade about package sales or convincing the client about a value added service on top of his existing subscription. Sales representatives have to exercise negotiation skills more than any other business in the UK. The primary reason for this is the fact that UK based companies are very dynamic in providing, upgrading and modifying their services so there are always new packages, value added services and charges which need to be negotiated with the customers.

It is absolutely essential for every business in the UK to train their sales department for an effective negotiation with clients and business affiliates. Untrained sales representatives have been seen to do the following three fatal mistakes during negotiation:

Overwhelmingly convinced

When a sales representative is not trained, he/she can become an “Accept All” personality. Without proper negotiation training, they might end up accepting everything the client says and use every discount available at their discretion. This is absolutely not helpful for the company because they might be giving out unnecessary favours. Negotiation training trains them for judging what to do and how much to do.

Dreadfully stubborn

A “give nothing” is as harmful as a “give all”. Many times, a relationship can be saved with a favour like waiving the surcharges or another favour like this but an untrained sales representative would not be able to judge the difference. You end up losing your valuable customers if you do not train your representatives for good negotiation skills.

Defensive negotiation

Some of the representatives are too defensive and personal during their negotiation. When a conversation is made on behalf of the company, it should never be personal. Your clients will be unhappy even after they get what they want.

Effective negotiation training is required for all sales teams especially in the UK. You can now get the best training for your sales representatives from top trainers and training providing companies in the UK by simply filling in a simple form at Quote Bean. Our companies will send you free quotes for negotiation training and you can select the one that suits you the most.

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