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What Makes Some Java Development Companies Special?

Great Java development companies are ones that offer Java development and programming as their core skill (not just as one of their services in amongst a range of others, such as database development, mobile app creation, Visual Basic programming, etc.).

The good news is that, 1) finding a Java development company like this is not difficult (especially now that you’ve found Quote Bean!), and 2) they offer their service at a competitive rate to UK businesses and organisations of all sizes and types.

More on UK Java development companies

With the internet being an international platform, you can find Java development companies in cities all over the world, of course. In the UK, there are a number of Java development companies in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and other major cities, as well as in large towns.

A good Java development company will be experienced and highly-skilled in developing, deploying and supporting a multitude of web-based applications and websites that are database-driven. They will also upgrade these (as not all clients are looking to build a website from scratch).

Perhaps your current database, software and/or web application(s) needs improving? Maybe you are worried about being left behind in the online marketplace, and so are eager to embrace leading-edge web technologies? A proven Java development company can help you do all this, quickly, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Social Media

Because Java is primarily used for creating things like software for computer games, websites, and mobile phone applications, it’s not surprising that Java development companies do a lot of work for social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) that wish to consistently add new apps and fun games to their sites. Some Java development companies work full-time for these sites on an outsourced basis, in fact.

Keeping things current

Top Java development companies would be familiar with all the newer Java versions, such as J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), used for creating applications for mobile phones and other Java-enabled small devices; and J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition), an Advanced Programming Interface for the development and deployment of web-based or internet applications.

Project planning, project management, software architecture and analysis… A first-rate Java development company will be proficient in all of these, and will have the ability to solve complex issues (the kind lesser Java companies simple can’t unravel!); delivering solutions quickly, and documenting as they go.

A cost-efficient solution

Yes, there a plenty of software development companies out there that offer Java development as part of their services, but by turning to an established and proven Java development company that places Java development at its core, you are undoubtedly investing in what will ultimately prove to be the most cost-efficient Java development solution for your business or organisation.

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