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What are the main benefits, a company or business enterprise can get from building an Intranet Computer Network?

A company or a business network can draw various advantages out of their intranet networks. The supreme benefit lies in creating a fast, easy to use and cost effective multimedia network of communication, which can enhance corporate participation, serve as an integrating tool and help in dissemination of knowledge and information speedily. If you want to know about some of the major intranet benefits that can help you make an informed decision about using it for your office, read on.

Implementation benefits

  • Fast and cost-effective

    As the owner of the business organization, you might be aiming at introducing a cost effective means of technology for your in-house communication and networking. Intranet can be your ideal solution as it involves relatively cheaper set up and maintenance cost. It is a very fast way of communication and can be used during emergency situations or to post information, which needs immediate and urgent attention.

    One of the advantages of intranet lies in the fact that it can save you infinite hassles and considerable expenditure related to paper based communication network. A paper based communication system is archaic and very slow. So, the intranet can be a suitable alternative for your business organization.

  • Various technical benefits

    Intranet is based on open standards. So, anyone from your organization will have equal rights to use it with ease. It is easy to maintain as you can scale up or scale down according to the changing situation. The intranet benefits can increase if you can connect it with other systems. This can enable you to create a dense and comprehensive network, which is much needed for the overall growth and development of your business organization.

Usability benefits

  • User friendly option

    The intranet is a very user friendly technology, and your employees can be easily trained to use the same to the fullest extent. One of the key advantages of intranet is its way of communication. Text based communications can be cumbersome and formidable for many users and is unlikely to create the same awareness as the multimedia mode. Intranet disseminates information through the audio visual system, which is much easier to comprehend.

  • Helps in an organized way of work

    One of the major intranet benefits is that it can impart information in a very organized way. If you can manage to provide the content under headings like announcements, information, employees’ section or surveys, it can make things much more systematic than paper based communication. Intranet can also make a statement less burdensome and therefore more effective. For example, a newsletter to your employees can contain the key information and the additional issues can be incorporated as hypertext links. So, this can increase the visibility of the key information, thereby making the presentation much more systematic. No wonder that such a single interface for information resources and services can prove to be a useful tool for your business activities.

Organizational benefits

  • Improves Communication

    One of the major benefits of intranet is that it can drastically improve your in-house communication system. Your external and internal data can be easily made available to your employees through the intranet. If you have a well maintained intranet network, you can communicate with your employees very quickly.

    A single instructional or suggestion based email from your side can open various threads of communication and an important decision can be taken without wasting time for things like organizing a board meeting. Fast communication can increase the overall productivity and efficiency of an organization.

  • Increases Collaboration, Coordination and Ensures Better Customer Services

    The intranet can increase the collaboration and coordination amongst various levels of your employees. You may use it to create provisions of group management of content. It can also give rise to opportunities, where the employee can participate in the decision making process.

    Various types of communication are possible through the intranet. There can be formal announcements or opinion based articles by the authority figures, some of which can be made open for the general opinion of your employees. There are also various interaction forums, where the employees are encouraged to come up with motivational and creative ideas.

    So, the intranet can create an environment where the distribution, sharing and integration of knowledge become much easier. It can also improve your customer services and collaboration with business partners as your employees will stay abreast of all the latest developments in your organization and act accordingly.

    So, there are many benefits of intranet and the advantages are applicable both for the management and the employees. It can improve the overall efficiency and the productivity of your organization by integrating your employees through a networking tool. It can also create a fast, dynamic and efficient work environment where productive changes are sought after and well communicated. It can ultimately save you time and money, thereby making your business process lively and well connected. If you haven’t yet made the most of these intranet advantages, it’s time to join the party and give some much needed leverage to your business.

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