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Intranet Applications help to improve business performance

In modern day knowledge based economies, knowledge is considered to be a competitive edge of most successful organizations because they have accumulated it over a long period. Organizational knowledge may contain its key business secrets and future strategy. Therefore, organizations are always looking for ways to secure their accumulated knowledge and at the same time effectively share their knowledge and information with the relevant personnel across the organization.

Company’s intranet, which is also referred to as company’s internal network of computers and software is the key element for securing and to facilitate sharing of information and knowledge across the company with the relevant personnel through pre-defined internet protocols. Although intranet uses the same set of protocols that are used by internet, but intranet may or may not be connected to the internet depending on the requirement of the organization. Usually it’s recommended that intranet is not directly connected to the internet for the sake of securing it from the external threats of internet.

The top priority of all organizations in implementing an intranet is that the intranet has to be so secure and reliable that knowledge sharing should be seamless and without the threat of its leak outside of the organization and at the same time without compromising the integrity of the knowledge, information and even raw data that comprises that knowledge.

cle/guide-to-selecting-an-intranet-developer-in-uk/">Intranet and its application development for businesses have come a long way in the last decade or so. Initially, when intranet and intranet applications were a newer concept in the business world, its potential was not discovered and only few organizations could afford it. At that time, intranets were very vulnerable to external as well as internal threats because of lack of security. Modern day intranet development is much more secure and reliable and there are literally thousands of third party intranet applications for businesses available in the market that could make it even more secure and user friendly.

Carefully designed intranet for business, brings a lot of benefits with it in terms of improved business performance, enhanced coordination and knowledge sharing. Employee productivity is automatically increased when they can rapidly search for and view the internal information relevant to their jobs. At the top of it, intranet design and interface is usually very user friendly. Anyone who is comfortable browsing the internet can easily get a hold of using company’s intranet.

Companies can run a number of different intranet applications to save costs on various heads and other avoidable expenses, such as, employee time-sheet software, client relationship management software, online procurement software, training software and issue management software etc. Running these software applications require intranet and the cost benefits of automating these common functions through the intranet are obvious. Companies can also use intranet to digitally store HR documents, policy documents, process definitions and documents, and any other lengthy documents in the central database for employees to download and refer to via the intranet. So you can imagine how much paper will be saved by not printing off all those documents.

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