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How to create an effective internet marketing strategy that could boost your business?

In his well known book “The Art of War”, San Tzu has said, “…many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat.” What he means here is that one has to put enough emphasis on strategy or planning in order to win a battle. The same holds true about marketing. If you want to grab your customers attention from the word go, then you cannot overlook the necessity of a good marketing strategy. Every business needs good marketing strategy to prosper. In case you are planning to reach your customers via the internet, you need to have a marketing strategy that can keep wandering web surfers glued to your site and products. After all, internet users have a very short attention span, which is why you need to devise a strong internet marketing strategy to keep them enticed and make them return back for more.

Before you start marketing your products or services, it is better to identify your long term and short term goals. These goals will tell you how to build your internet marketing strategies more effectively. You can use these strategies independently or combine them for a better and more effective marketing campaign.

Short Term Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Purchasing Advertising

  • If you are planning to get your customers’ attention for a short term period, you can build your marketing strategy by advertising more and more through the internet. Put up online ads describing your products or services that will directly appeal to your customers and reach them within a short period of time.

  • Participating in Forums

  • As your short term online marketing strategy, you can also organise or join various online forums where you talk about your business and communicate with your customers directly. This is a great way to know about the expectations of your customers and tweak your products accordingly. It also pays to have a “comment section” on your website, where your customers can leave their feedbacks or share their experiences of using your offerings.

  • Search Engines

You can buy advertising spots in various search engines to further your business interests. There are many web surfers who visit these search engines the umpteen times a day. So, placing your ads on some of the prominent search engines will help you get their attention. In addition to this digital marketing strategy, you can also optimise your web page in such a way that it helps you to get better ranking in the search engines.

Long Term Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Opt-in Lists

  • You can use an opt-in email list for marketing your offerings on the web effectively. Since people belonging to this list would have expressed their interest to receive mails from you about your products, new launches, discounts etc, you don’t run the risk of offending them as mails from you won’t be marked as spam. So, select an audience that is likely to give you high return on investment (ROI), and make the most of this permission-based, online web marketing strategy using your opt-in lists.

  • Blogging

  • You can build up your long term client base by using blogging. You can talk about your services or products, and how they can make a difference in the lives of the people out there. Blogging is a popular exercise, and if your blogs are informative and interesting enough to hold the readers’ attention, you can rest assured that they will get their share of followers. Many of such leads are likely to convert into sales, driving up your profits.

  • Social Networking Sites

  • While chalking out your e-marketing strategy, you should also focus on the social networking sites. You can provide the links to your website or advertise the logo of your company in any of these social sites. This is a great way to inform millions of internet users about your products. You can also build your own fan following on these platforms by being an active participant in various discussions or commenting on a particular issue that’s related to your niche.

  • Giving Away Freebies

  • Free gifts always grab attention. There are very few customers who will be able to successfully win over the instinct of grabbing a free offer. You can offer free trials or temporary free membership just to create a good customer base as part of an effective internet marketing strategy.

  • Article Marketing

You can also include article marketing in your long term web marketing strategy. Write keyword rich articles either about your particular industry or on a new technical development in your field of business. There are sites that publish such articles for free, and you can get a significant readership from such sites by syndicating your articles. What’s more, article marketing can also get your website precious backlinks, which in turn will help your site climb up the search engine rankings and get an increased amount of web traffic.

So, keep these above mentioned pointers in mind while developing your internet marketing strategy and you will never go wrong if you can use a balanced blend of these plans for your business.

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