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Signage Design

If you own a business with a store or fixed premises, signage is one of the most important marketing and promotional investments that you can make. Good signage communicates information about your business to an audience, letting them know what you do, how you can be contacted and where you are located. The measure of good signage lies in sign design, a well-crafted sign design is the key to effective signage.

Unlike certain other forms of graphic design, signage design and sign design are more rooted in visual communication than design style. A good sign design is not only visually creative and stylish, the sign design itself appeals to an audience and visually communicates with it, fulfilling its role as a communication and promotional tool. When it comes to signage design, it’s all too easy to get lost in the style of the sign rather than its content, a mistake which is often made by business owners who create their own signage design in-house using a digital signage design software package.

If you want your business’s signage to have maximum impact, you should really be considering hiring a signage design company. Signage design companies are specialists in creating effective sign designs that are not only visually attractive and appealing but also communicate effectively with an audience. To get the most out of a signage design company, you should approach them with a substantial brief for your sign design project which needs to include your specific requirements for every aspect of your signage design project. Although some signage design companies may provide sign design services without a sign design project brief, creating a brief for your signage design project helps you to clarify your requirements so that you can use them as a strategic measuring tool throughout the process of your signage design project. Things that you should consider when creating your signage design project brief include:

  • Your corporate logo design and how you want it to feature on your finished signage design
  • The size of your finished signage design
  • The colours and images to be used in your sign design
  • The written content of your signage design
  • Your available sign design project budget
  • Your preferred timescales for the completion of your signage design project

To find suitable signage design companies to manage your signage design project, why not try using our free quotation service? We will match your signage design project requirements to the skills and expertise of our reputable, UK-based signage design companies to provide you with up to 6 no-obligation quotes to choose between.

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