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The Buyer's Guide to Cheap Brochure Design

Unfortunately in today’s business economy marketing and promotional budgets are often the first to be slashed. Businesses always need to promote themselves, but ideally like to do so using the most cost-effective methods such as cheap brochure design and affordable graphic design. Cheap brochure design is an area which needs to be approached with caution however; some methods of cheap brochure design can actually cost a business more in the long-term than custom brochure design. In this article, we introduce everything that you need to know about purchasing cheap brochure design.

Clarify the Purpose of your Brochure

Before you can find a suitable method of cheap brochure design, you first need to clarify the purpose and objectives of your brochure. To understand the objectives of your brochure, you should consider such things as:

  • How long you will be using the brochure
  • Who its intended audience is
  • The immediate impact that you want to achieve with your brochure

As well as more practical things such as budget, timescales and how long your business has been in operation. Generally speaking, if you just need a quick, short-term brochure to achieve an immediate impact you can do so with cheap brochure design. Brochures that have longer-term objectives and purposes should only really be created with custom brochure design or professional brochure design services.

DIY Cheap Brochure Design

One way to achieve cheap brochure design is to design your brochures in-house using a graphic software package such as Adobe, Quark or even Microsoft Publisher. In order to remain cost-effective however, cheap brochure design should only be attempted in-house if you already have a graphic software package and the finishing capabilities to print your finalised cheap brochure design. If you are going to attempt creating cheap brochure design in-house, remember to follow the golden rules of cheap brochure design:

  • Keep the design is simple as possible
  • Use clear but striking fonts
  • Keep colour schemes to a minimum (no more than two colours)
  • Use whitespace as the focus of your layout
  • Invest in some compelling and engaging brochure copy

Cheap Brochure Design Services

Within the UK, it’s also possible to purchase a variety of cheap brochure design services from brochure designers and cheap brochure design service providers. Popular methods of cheap brochure design services include:

  • Online brochure design from online cheap brochure design template providers
  • Discount or package brochure design services from graphic designers
  • Professional printing of in-house cheap brochure designs

If you do intend to purchase one of the above methods of cheap brochure design, it’s important to be clear about your brochure’s purpose and objectives to ensure that you get the most results possible. Cheap brochure design templates and cheap brochure design services will not achieve the results that custom brochure design services do, the finished cheap brochure design is unlikely to be as effective or engaging as a made-to-measure brochure designs. These methods of cheap brochure design should only be considered if you have a strong business brand or identity, as well as some engaging and compelling brochure copy to transform the cheap brochure design into a promotional tool that achieves results.

For further advice and information about cheap brochure design, or to find a suitable provider of cheap brochure design services why not get in contact with one of our friendly Graphic Design Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts can work with you to clarify and refine your cheap brochure design requirements, and when you are ready will put you in direct contact with reputable, UK-based providers of cheap brochure design services.

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