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Are Gas Generators An Economical Choice In The UK?

Businesses depend heavily on power. There is no way around it, at least not yet. Scheduled or unexpected power outages directly affect businesses due to loss of productivity and that loss is beyond our control. Although there are not many unscheduled power outages normally in the UK, however, having a backup plan in case of a scheduled or an unexpected power outage is important. Think of it as an important part of your business continuity plan by having control over your business’s productivity in case of a power outage.

Depending on the size of your business and its power needs, there are various types of generators available in the UK. Natural gas powered generators that run on liquid petroleum gas or LPG are quite economical and popular in the UK. Natural gas electricity generators come in different variants. They vary from a portable unit capable of producing 0.5 kilo watts or 500 watts to a heavy duty standby generator unit that is capable of producing up to 100 mega watts or 100,000,000 watts.

Obviously a small to mid sized business would not require a heavy duty generator and only a small 3 kilo watt generator may be enough to run a limited number of computers and other small electrical appliances. Hence when you decide to buy an LPG generator in the UK, you should first calculate your electricity requirements by adding up the number of watts used by all your electrical appliances and computers. For example, a normal PC consumes around 300 watts of power, one conventional light bulb consumes on average 60 watts and if you have energy savers in your office, the wattage requirement drops to around 15 watts per light bulb. A table fan consumes on average 20 watts and a microwave consumes around 1000 watts and so forth. You can easily find a power consumption chart of different electrical appliances on the internet, which will help you decide which natural gas powered electricity generator, would be most economical for you.

If you are not sure about which generator to get or simple don’t have enough time to find out which one will be an economical choice for you, you can simply obtain guidance from various LPG generator vendors in the UK by using free services of a facilitating agency such as Quote Bean that specializes in providing free quotes from a range of suppliers. When you get your free quotes from various LPG generator vendors in the UK, you may also ask the vendors to provide you guidance on which would be an economical gas generator for you.

In the UK power outages are not normal but when you do have one a gas powered generator would be an economical choice as a back up power source due to cheaper and wide availability of LPG and low initial cost of natural gas powered generators.

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