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Sequential Gearboxes And Their Advantages

Sequential gearbox is a special type of transmission system that uses a simple upward or downward movement of the gear lever to shift between the gears. In theory, both sequential and manual gearboxes work on the same principle. The only difference between both types is of the gear selection lever movement. The manual transmissions use an H type movement of the gear selection lever while a sequential transmission works with upward and downward movement of the lever.

Sequential gearboxes are used everywhere these days. Sports cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and motorbikes are all using sequential gearboxes now. Sequential gearboxes use a fork to move the collars that engage transmission. Sequential gearboxes are easy and simple to operate. Another difference between a manual transmission and sequential transmission is of the gear shift pattern. In a manual transmission, you can select between the forward gears as you like but sequential transmission allows you to shift gears up or down in a sequence only.

Here are a few of the advantages of sequential transmission over manual transmission.

1.    Sequential gearboxes are simple. If you want to shift from second to third gear, you can do it by a simple upward push of the gear lever. In a manual transmission, you have to move the lever up, around and up to complete the same task.

2.    Sequential gearboxes have consistent shift patterns. If you want to shift gears up or down, you use the same movement always. You do not have to think about the movement pattern to perform the action as is the case with manual transmission systems.

3.    With sequential gears, your hand placement and movement are always the same. In case of an H type manual transmission, you always have to think about the location of gear lever with reference to the current gear and desired gear. A sequential transmission shifts gears by upward or downward movement. Response times are relatively less with sequential transmissions.

4.    There are no missed lever movements. You cannot accidently shift the wrong gear and damage your transmission. If you were using a manual H type gearbox, you can accidently shift up when you wanted to shift down. This cannot happen with sequential gearboxes.

Due to simplicity, sequential gearboxes are now commonly used in commercial and personal vehicles. You can receive up to 5 free sequential gearbox quotes from our companies in the UK. Once you fill in a simple form, we will short list the most suitable gearbox companies for you and our selected companies will send you free custom quotes. Try our services for free now.

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