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What Is Automatic Transmission And How Does It Work?

Automatic Transmission, commonly known as AT, is a type of gearbox that automatically changes the gear ratio between the engine and the driving wheels. Automatic Transmission or automatic gearbox frees up the driver from manually shifting the gear ratio through gear lever. Automatic transmission also eliminates the need for clutch pedal because gears are automatically engaged and disconnected with the change in RPM determining the optimum gear ratio at that specific torque.

As compared to manual gearboxes, automatic transmissions can select between a large number of preset gear ratios depending upon the situation. These gear ratios are predefined and fed into the computer controlled automatic gearbox inside the vehicle. The concept of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is also a popular automatic gearing mechanism in which, gear ratios are changed continuously for every speed and direction by determining the optimum link between the gears and the driving wheels.

Automatic gearboxes have really eased the driving experience and are used in the UK since 1960s. The driver can focus more on the driving rather than pushing the clutch plate and shifting gears. An automatic gearbox has 5 states commonly known as P-R-N-D-L.  These five states are Parking, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Lock respectively. Among the above mentioned 5 states, the vehicle’s engine can only be cranked in two states namely Parking and Neutral.

The main difference between the parking gear and neutral gear is that the parking gear locks the transmission and the driving wheels while the neutral gear disconnects the transmission from the engine allowing it to move freely. When a vehicle is in neutral mode, handbrake must be used to avoid the vehicle from rolling freely. Similarly, the use of handbrake with parking gear is also necessary if the vehicle is on an inclined surface. The application of handbrake with parking gear increases the stability, performance and life of the automatic gearbox.

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