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Email Marketing And ROI In the UK

Email list marketing has proven to be a great marketing strategy in the UK in terms of ROI. It’s a quick, hassle free and low cost way to market your products or services to a huge number of people at once. Studies show that email marketing in the UK has a potential to return as much as ₤30 for every ₤1 invested in the activity. However, email marketing in the UK should be done with extreme care. Although it’s a promising revenue generation marketing strategy, it is also likely to backfire in terms of losing customer interest and hence loss of investment if not executed properly.

There are numerous benefits from email marketing in the UK if implemented effectively. Some of these are as follows.

  • Low cost business, product and/or service promotion
  • Less time and resource consuming marketing activity
  • Increase sales
  • Target the right potential customers
  • Develop brand recognition
  • Attract new and existing customers to your website
  • Keep in regular touch with your potential and existing customers
  • Personalized message delivery
  • Educate your customers and create awareness of your products and/or services
  • Discover new business opportunities through customer feedback
  • Track your emails to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.
  • Portray your presence as an established business.

On the flip side, we all know how frustrating it can be at times when we receive bulk emails in our inbox. Most bulk emails are deleted by us before we even read them. It is highly likely that just as we delete a bulk email, many other recipients of that email would do the same. In practical terms, this means that the sender of that email has lost his/her money that was invested into that particular email marketing activity, primarily because not enough thought and effort was put into creating and targeting that email as it should have been. May be that email was not targeted to the right people, or it could also be due to having irrelevant details, wrong choice of email marketing software or even an unattractive subject line. Hence, desired ROI on email marketing in the UK only comes with effective strategizing and implementation of your email marketing campaign. Here are some of the tips that will maximize the ROI on your email marketing campaign.

  • Do your homework to target the right audience
  • Start by identifying the need of your target audience followed by your proposed solution of their need
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Avoid using heavy images
  • Choose the subject of your email wisely
  • Choose the format of your email wisely
  • Proof read and spell check your email
  • Make sure that your email has a signature stating the name, designation and contact number of the sender and your website address
  • Make sure that you send the marketing email through your company’s official email address that contains your website domain name. Do not use a web-based email service such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail etc.
  • Only go for a reputed email marketing software in the UK
  • Acquire services of a reputed email marketing company in the UK

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