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Welcome to Quote Bean’s Email Lists Buying Services! You will find everything you need in these pages to help you make the best email marketing buying decision for your business or organisation.

Start your search for a company email lists by taking a look at our introductions below. These will answer all the fundamental questions that you may have before you choose to buy marketing lists and databases, and will provide you with an effective way to find the most effective lists for your company. You may also want to take a look at our article How to Get Started with Email List Services, for more information.

For further help and assistance, and for everything else that you need to know before you choose to buy Email Lists, take a look at our specialised Article Library. And if you have any further questions, talk to our expert Email and Direct Marketing Buyer Advisors who will be only too happy to help you in your search for suitable business development tools. When you are ready to make a decision, use our free quote generation service to receive 6 customised, no-obligation Email Lists quotes from our approved suppliers 

How to Buy Email Lists

When you want to buy email lists to use for business development purposes there are various steps that you can take to ensure the lists you purchase really will be beneficial and appropriate. First of all, when you approach a seller of email lists to buy, you really need to seek out their references and experience. How happy are their previous and existing clients? Can they provide references and information about the quality and usability of their lists? Before buying email databases and lists from providers, ask to see a sample so that you can check the quality in person. Generic email addresses, such as ‘info@...’ or ‘admin@...’ are not substantial leads and are certainly not worth investing in. When you purchase email lists they need to be relevant, if you need to contact company directors seek out those suppliers who have proven experience delivering email lists of this nature. Another thing to bear in mind when looking to buy email lists UK is the age of the lists in question. To provide value, email lists need to be current and up to date.

Why UK Email Lists are Better

Purchasing email lists is an investment and to ensure that you get the most return possible on your investment the lists that you buy need to be of the highest quality. There are numerous options available to businesses and organizations who want to buy mailing lists, from working with overseas mailing list providers to UK-based ones. Although choosing an overseas provider is sometimes more attractive because their prices can be cheaper, if you need UK business email lists hiring a UK-based supplier will be the best option. Lists provided by reputable UK suppliers are typically quality checked and will be up to date, and it’s not always possible to guarantee this with overseas suppliers.

Types of B2B Email Lists

When looking for third-party mailing lists for direct email marketing, there are various different B2B email lists that you, as a business owner or organization manager, can buy. Business to business email lists can take different forms, from lists with guaranteed responses to improve business development to more general lists that can be used to develop communication. Business email lists can be shorter or more comprehensive, depending on the company or supplier that you approach to provide you with the list or the specific market sectors that your lists will be targeting.

Finding Email Marketing Lists Services

Finding email marketing lists for business to consumer purposes, such as consumer email lists, is a little different to purchasing business email marketing lists. Although business mailing lists need to be compliant with data protection laws, there are more substantial requirements for consumer lists and purchasing a list that does not comply with these can be damaging to your business. The safest way to purchase lists that contain consumer addresses is to do so from a reputable company that can prove their credentials and the methods they use to capture mailing addresses (such as opt-in forms, direct mail sign-ups etc).

Email Marketing Lists

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Email marketing is synonymous with Spam mail mainly because so many businesses do it badly. When email marketing is conducted professionally by experts then it can prove a very effective marketing tool and is particularly attractive because of the cost, ability to reach a large number of targeted people, measurability and the popularity of email as a form of communication.  To the extent that, it is now standard for email marketing campaigns to be part of a business’s marketing strategy.

Email marketing can either be to individual consumers (B2C) or to a business (B2B). The use of opt-in email lists by professional email marketing companies allows for specific targeting of emails to specific people i.e. a CEO or a Purchasing Manager within a company.

Whilst the common types of email sent include:

  • Email Postcards
  • Email Catalogs
  • Email Press releases
  • Email Newsletters
  • Email Surveys
  • Email Invitations
  • Email Coupons

The use of professional email companies, who use profiled opt-in email addresses, is one means of achieving a good measurable response to an email campaign. This path should certainly be taken if the aim of the marketing is to gain new business or customers. Where the objective is to communicate to your existing customer base, attention should be paid to the email design, content and frequency of communication; and is something you may wish to consider doing in-house, if you have the relevant skills. Should this not be the case then use Quote Bean’s free quotation service and we will connect you with our highly effective Email marketing companies.

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