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The Buyer’s Guide to Database Development Cost

Database development cost can vary depending upon a number of factors:

  • The size of the database (and therefore the number of hours involved in designing, developing and deploying it)
  • The type of database development software used
  • Whether the database is to be a newly-constructed information system built from absolute scratch, or a ‘part database development’ that involves the creation of several extra tables for an existing system (this can affect the cost of database development hugely)
  • Whether the client requires ongoing support after the database is implemented and fully up-and-running

There are numerous database development companies across the UK (as well as independent freelance database development consultants). With the industry being highly-competitive, this means database developers’ fees also are (good news for clients!).

Types of uses for databases

With people buying more and more goods online (rather than from high street ‘bricks and mortar’ stores), new ecommerce websites are launched every day. These are sites that use dynamic web pages (pages that change when visitors click on them, rather than just being static pages). Data specifically requested by a user is retrieved (in a nanosecond!), from a database at the site’s back-end, and then displayed on the screen. Does all that sound rather technical and therefore rather expensive? Don’t worry; it needn’t be!

Controlling database development cost

Before getting the database development process started (by inviting a database developer or personnel from a database development company to receive your brief), take the time to think through:

  • Your current needs – what is the problem for which a database offers a solution? And
  • Where you want to go in the future – Are you thinking of opening branches of your company at other UK cities or large towns (or even overseas)? Or are you aiming to bid on bigger projects in the coming years and so want a database that can handle a marked increase in project-related data later?

By knowing this, you can save yourself a fortune in the long run by having your database developer create a database for your business or organisation that will meet your needs now and in the future; don’t make the mistake of only thinking about your pressing needs, as to do so could mean you end up paying twice for your database. And you don’t want that.

Pay by the hour, or go for a fixed price?

Frankly, it’s a no brainer! Definitely choose the fixed price option. There are few things worse in business than commissioning a service provider to complete a project for you on a paid by the hour basis, and to then suffer the worry and anxiety of a rising bill.

Database development cost can vary, of course, depending upon which developer you go with. In the UK, database developers generally charge £50 an hour (£40 an hour as the lowest rate). If you are a small business or an SME (small-to-medium-sized enterprise) an overall database price of between £3,000 and £5,000 is what you can expect.

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