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Which Database Development Companies Are Best?

Database development companies in the UK provide an important service, not only to individual businesses and organisations, but to the overall prosperity and well-being of the nation. A wild claim? Not at all. Think about it: Where would we be if the NHS, the emergency services, schools, colleges, transport systems, etc., were unable to access and retrieve key data quickly and almost effortlessly? The databases they use are often described as being ‘essential’ to what they do in the day-in-day-out.

Most UK database development companies design, develop, deploy and manage databases for commercial use, of course. And with the billions of pounds spent through e-commerce each year, it’s no wonder a UK database company will find the majority of enquires it receives come from people looking to launch an online store (a ‘shop on the Internet’), so that they can get their share of all that money.

How do database companies work?

With database development being in such demand these days, it’s no wonder so many people are learning database development skills, before embarking on a career as a professional database developer and designer (this can be as a freelance developer; by landing a job with a good database development company; or even through launching their own business with a small team). But like anything in life, there really is no substitute for experience…

If you need to get a database for the first time, or to have your current database assessed and overhauled by a professional, then your best bet is to turn to an established database development company with a proven track-record in providing a portfolio of happy clients with exactly the database solution they need.

A good database development company will:

  • Have been evaluating and developing databases for a number of years
  • Be skilled in using Microsoft Access, Java, .NET, PHP, MySQL (and also be able to transfer your existing data to your new database, if required)
  • Be able to list names of companies and organisations they have worked with in the past
  • Have database examples you can review
  • Have samples of database documentation (from previous projects) for you to peruse
  • Offer you a timeline for your project
  • Offer post-implementation support

Why 100 per cent commitment is KEY

It is vital to only work with a database development company who will commit 100 per cent to making your project a complete success. A really good database development company or database development consultant with fully understand just how much you are going to be relying upon your new (or overhauled) database, once implemented.

The good news is that database developers and consultants like that are easy to find…

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