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Advantages of MYSQL in database development

MYSQL is one of the top databases available in the market. MYSQL is a relational database with many advanced features and options. Over time, MYSQL has proved itself to be a fast, reliable and cost effective competitor to the other more expensive databases like MS SQL Server and Oracle. Here are a few of the advantages of using MYSQL in database development.

Open Source

MYSQL is an open source database system which means that anyone can use it for free. Developers can amend its code to suit their requirements which means that MYSQL is highly customizable as well. Another edge of using MYSQL over other database systems is that; it is available widely in the market with no ownership cost.

Fast Development

A lot of people around the globe are continuously developing new modules for integration with MYSQL. This means that it has a wider and faster development circle. Patches, upgrades and fixes are developed fast and become available in forums, blogs and developer sites on the internet.

Better for Small Businesses

This relational database system is free so it reduces the cost of overall database solution for small businesses and companies. This database is relatively easy to learn and operate, so operational cost is reduced substantially which is again an important factor in classifying MYSQL as an applicable and practical tool for small businesses.

Cross Platform Operability

MYSQL is easily installable and operable on different platforms including Windows, Linux, OS2 and Solaris. Cross platform operability makes it a favourable choice for development companies. MYSQL database system also contains APIs for integration with C, C++, PHP, Java, Perl, Python, Tcl, and Ruby etc. You can connect it easily with different development platforms so you can actually integrate applications developed in different OS and development platforms.


MYSQL as a relational database is secure as all access passwords are stored in an encrypted format restricting any unauthorised access to the system. It also encrypts the transactions so eavesdroppers and data harvest tools cannot replicate or regenerate the database transactions once they are processed.


MYSQL clients can access this relational database through standard TCP/IP sockets, named pipes, UNIX sockets and many more. Standard ODBC 2.5 and above functions and commands are also supported in MYSQL.

In short, MYSQL is a free and favoured relational database system which is serving the web and application development communities.

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