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How E-Customer Relationship Management helps boost sales

E-CRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management), also known as E-crm and Ecrm, is all about using Information Technology to manage e-customer relationships (e-customers are also sometimes referred to as ‘e-shoppers’ – people who spend money purchasing goods or buying services of all different kinds on the Internet: the world’s biggest marketplace).

Types of E-Customers

How many times have you browsed for goods on the Internet, found something you like, dropped it into your virtual shopping basket, but then abandoned the sale at checkout stage?

Most of us are familiar with that scenario!

Converting visitors into buyers on E-commerce websites (shops on the Internet) is not easy, even though billions of pounds are spent online each year.

Prospects can be put off by things like:

  • Blurred product images
  • Typos in product descriptions
  • Confusing navigation
  • Broken links
  • Payment at the site seeming like a longwinded process
  • Transactions not feeling 100 per cent secure
  • And other reasons

If your site ‘ticks all the boxes’ when it comes to offering an excellent buying experience for e-customers, then chances are that those customers will more than likely return to buy from you again and again; new customers will not be browsers, ‘wish-listers’, or abandoners, they will be people who could actually follow through at checkout stage. But by investing in an E-CRM system, you can virtually guarantee that they do.

What kind of data can an E-CRM hold?

Just about anything. An E-customer relationship management system can tell you more about your customers than you would ever think. And by having this information, you can then orchestrate low-cost, tailored and powerful marketing campaigns that can help you to increase your sales, and boost your profits.

Putting the customer first

When it comes to the design, development and deployment of a great E-customer relationship management system, an experienced and highly-skilled E-CRM developer will create a system for you that ultimately results in you offering your customers a more streamlined service (from ‘their’ site’). Businesses and organisations who adopt this approach when planning and investing in an E-customer relationship management system find their customers appreciate that they are being offer a tailored service every time they visit their site. They are grateful for the effort made, and feel loyal towards the site, the company, the brand… And so it is a win-win situation: customers needs are met, and the online site is rewarded with boosted profits as a result.

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