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About CRM Campaign Managers

Businesses and organisations that launch a CRM campaign (a customer relationship management campaign), can either manage their campaign themselves or appoint a Campaign Manager. This person will be either a member of a CRM campaign consultancy, or someone who works independently as a freelance CRM Campaign Manager for clients who have invested in a CRM system, but do not have the time or the expertise to manage their CRM campaign(s) themselves.

Who is a CRM Campaign Manager responsible to?

A CRM Campaign Manager will usually work under the Account Director’s direction, but will ultimately be responsible for the management of the campaign. Often, they will not only be asked to run a campaign (or a series of campaigns over, say, an 18-month period), but also be expected to contribute ideas towards campaign design and orchestration, before the CRM campaign is launched.

Go for someone proven

Like anything in life, when it comes to choosing a good CRM Campaign Manager, there is no substitute for experience. An effective CRM Campaign Manager will have a proven track-record in successfully managing numerous campaigns for companies large and small. They will be supremely confident of managing even a massive campaign ‘CRM-style’!

With such undertakings, a huge amount of money can be involved, and so it is vital that a Campaign Manager not only runs a campaign well, but also ensures the campaign remains on-budget.

Confidence and versatility are essential

A good CRM Campaign Manager will:

  • Advise upon and then provide best practices
  • Adhere to industry regulations and guidelines when it comes to ethically launching and managing CRM campaigns
  • Ensure the CRM system is kept up-to-date with relevant data so that campaign facilitation is always based on current marketing and no anomalies appear in business accounts later (e.g., if a new product is launched by the company at a temporarily reduced discounted price, then this needs to be clearly logged in the system, otherwise sales and income may not tally when it comes to examining the end of year accounts)
  • Prepare and present reports (these can be monthly, quarterly and yearly, or even on an ad-hoc basis, depending upon when the Account Director wishes to analyse results)
  • Assist in the teaching of the CRM system to management and staff when required (sometimes a CRM system can be developed further once it has been deployed, in response to company growth and/or change)

A Campaign Manager must wear different hats!

A CRM Campaign Manager may also be expected by the Account Director to resolve any client and staff (campaign-related) issues; suggest solutions to any system problems that may crop up; offer explanations with regard to any data duplication or redundancy occurrences (and quickly rectify these situations).

IT skills, communication, motivation…

It goes without saying that a good CRM Campaign Manager needs to have strong competency when using a range of computer applications. They must also work well alone or in a team-orientated environment, and be a good communicator and motivator to boot!

Of course, by managing your CRM campaign yourself, you can save a lot of money in Campaign Manager fees, but this nearly always turns out to be a false economy. By investing in outsourced campaign management you are giving yourself your best chance of making your CRM campaign a winner, one that will help you to sell more products and enjoy significantly increased profits.

Before seeking a CRM Campaign Manager, of course, you need to have the most appropriate CRM system in place, so that your business or organisation is ‘all set’ to invite campaign managers for interview.

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