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Advantages of using an online CRM system

Customer support is an integral part of any product/ service oriented business in the UK. Launching and providing a service or product is one thing and managing your customers is a completely different thing. How you develop your product is up to you and your developers are solely responsible for its quality and functionality. When it comes to providing customer service and guaranteeing their satisfaction, a user friendly and efficient CRM system application can do the trick. A comparison of different CRM systems in the UK has shown that an online CRM solution is more beneficial for a business in many ways.

Quick Setup

Online CRM solutions can be implemented relatively quickly as compared to locally installed CRM system. Most CRM consultants in the UK prefer online or web based CRM applications over their local counterparts. A comparison of online and local CRM systems shows that the web based versions are easier to setup and configure. Online systems usually require a browser to run and are configured in minutes.

Highly Affordable

Online CRM systems are quite affordable in comparison with local systems. CRM consultants suggest companies to use online systems due to the price advantage. Since these solutions are provided by larger companies and these shared software cost less, online CRM systems are a good choice for small and medium scale businesses in the UK.

Offsite Backup

If you ask a professional CRM consultant, they will almost always suggest that your CRM solution should have an offsite backup and data storage option. Web based solutions give you both facilities because your data is stored off site and is backed up regularly so you will not have the fear of data loss. In case of a natural disaster, you will still be able to save your customer data.

Mobile usage

The biggest advantage of having an online CRM system in comparison to a locally installed software application is its ability to be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection. There is nothing better than being able to manage your system from your laptop from wherever you are at any time.

Simplified Technical Support

If you use a web based CRM software application, the technical support can start and end at simply calling your CRM provider company. You would not need a CRM application consultant and the waiting times will be significantly less as compared to local systems.

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