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Types Of Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are amongst the most common equipment used in construction and maintenance tasks around UK. Whether it is to lift some luggage off the ground to a higher level or lifting a man to do some repair works at a building or even at an electrical company, cherry pickers are always seen at work. Cherry pickers facilitate the task and reduce the risk factor for workers greatly. A cherry picker essentially has a long arm with a cage at its end. This arm can be extended to reach the designated place and the equipment itself is mounted on a moveable truck or vehicle.

Different types of cherry pickers in UK are used according to the requirements of the buyers and companies. You can buy a cherry picker to use at home or you can even buy a cherry picker for your company. The difference between first and second is that the cherry pickers used in the construction are more powerful, more extendible and have more capacity. These cherry pickers will even have separate controls for controlling the lift.

Most common types of cherry pickers available in the UK include

  • Self drive cherry pickers without drivers
  • Operator controlled truck mounted cherry pickers
  • Scissor cherry pickers with narrow battery
  • Large diesel cherry pickers on four wheels
  • Boom lifts with narrow battery
  • Large diesel boom lifts with 4WD
  • Boom lifts with truck base
  • Boom lifts and cherry pickers with different aerial platforms

You can select the type of cherry picker that suits your requirements perfectly. Whether it is a cherry picker with boom or boom lift drive, you can find a wide range of cherry pickers and boom lifts from UK based companies. Quote Bean can provide you with free custom cherry picker and boom lift quotes from top UK based companies upon free form submission. Apply now

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