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Parts Of Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are frequently used around the UK for various construction, repairs and maintenance tasks. You might see a cherry picker being used on an electricity pole, for cleaning a high rise building windows or in building constructions for lifting luggage and men up to another level. Cherry pickers are also used in homes for various repairing and maintenance tasks. There are different types of cherry pickers being used in the UK these days. Modern cherry pickers usually consist of the following components.

Base stand Support

In order for cherry picker to operate, it has to be placed and affixed over a stand. The base is usually of iron and is fitted onto a carriage vehicle. Besides providing support, cherry picker base is also essential for maintaining the balance in small domestic cherry pickers. Instead of a carriage vehicle, small cherry pickers use a rectangular frame as base with wheels to aid in easy movement.

Vertical Boom

The most important part of a cherry picker is the vertical boom or lift that takes the cherry picker up or down. This allows for cherry pickers to reach up to the required place. The total length of the vertical boom arm varies with the type and usage of cherry picker. Commercial cherry pickers used for construction have longer boom lifts and domestic cherry pickers have smaller boom lifts.

The extension arm

Extension arm enables access to the exact location without moving the base. It is also helpful when there is no place for the ground base movement and the spot is not directly accessible.

Load Cart

A cart or safety box is attached at the end of the extension arm for placing items, operator or both. The load carrying capacity depends upon the power of the cherry picker.


There can be different types of engines based on the type of cherry picker. Engines can be petrol, diesel or electrical depending upon specific requirements. Diesel engines are used in cherry pickers that require the most power and are usually suitable for construction jobs.


The cherry picker can be operated with a control box. This control box is used by either the operator or driver. Depending upon the scenario, the control box can be located near the driver or inside the load cart. Commercial cherry pickers have two controls at both of the above specified location. Either driver or lift operator can use the cherry picker to execute the specified job.

Conveyer Vehicle

Domestic or light weight cherry pickers usually have wheels attached to rectangular basement while commercial cherry pickers use a transport or conveyer vehicle for moving the cherry picker from one place to another.

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