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Introduction to BPO & BPO Providers

Get Free Quotes from BPO Companies

BPO refers to as a method of using a third party to handle specific processes or tasks of the parent company. BPO has become a successful trend in developed countries like the UK. All kinds of processes including accounts, payroll, human resources, customer service and technical support can now be outsourced to other companies and organisations.

BPOs are of two types namely back office BPO and front office BPO. A back office BPO can include billing, logistics, collections, job recruitment, credit analysis, payroll and HR processes. Examples of typical front office BPO include customer service, advertising, marketing and technical support processes etc.

One of the most common examples of BPOs is a call centre. These foreign call centres help lower the cost and strength the company’s bottom line. Having foreign call centre BPOs enable you to manage a very diverse range of customers while keeping the cost low. A recent survey suggests that every pound spent on BPO returns 1.75 pounds back to the UK based parent company. Business process outsourcing is quite helpful for you if you are unable to handle all your processes efficiently or you do not have the required expertise.

Business process outsourcing can come in handy when you are setting up your new company or have a small setup. If you are worried about the selection of a company to outsource your business processes, then we can be of assistance to you. We can offer free quotes from top BPO providers. If you want to outsource your processes and you are in the UK, you can use our services for free. Tell us about your requirements through a simple form and we will send you free quotes.

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Get Free Quotes from BPO Companies

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